Dare to… Kiss and Make up

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

For some people, saying “I’m sorry” are two of the most difficult words to utter. And while we all have disagreements and arguments from time-to-time, life is too short to hold grudges. Although arguments may seem monumental at the time, they’re often trivial in the grand scheme of things.  So why not take the high road… be the first to apologize…. bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. Kiss and make up… even if it’s just you!

Don’t just sit there and let your pain hang on to your heart and eat away your joy. Forgiving is a way to heal YOUR own pain.  Holding a serious grudge can possibly:

  • cause stress, which has a toxic effect on your body
  • raise your blood pressure
  • put you at risk of a stroke and heart attack
  • trigger depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, because of the guilt you carry.

Now, what can FORGIVENESS do.  

  • Helps you repair valuable bonds with friends and relatives
  • Could decrease depression and anxiety because you’re practicing the generous thinking necessary for forgiveness, which may alter your brain chemistry for the better
  • Releases inner peace.

Forgiveness is good for YOU, although it may not always be easy.  It’s easier under the circumstances when the person you forgive is sorry and apologizes to you, compared to one who isn’t sorry, which could make forgiveness very difficult.  But kiss and make up anyway… it’s for YOU, not the offender.

Forgiveness is not about washing away the pains and hurts completely. You’ll know that forgiveness has begun in you when you can recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well.  Now, if the offender can’t or won’t sincerely apologize, then there’s no reason to forgive, but, if you choose to, then do it, because forgiveness allows you to move on without it negatively affecting YOU.  However, you may have to sever your ties, but at least that unrepentent person won’t be able to continue to hurt you. So loosen your body, free your mind, take deeper breaths and just have a sense of inner freedom… dare to!

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