The Inner Path: Activating The Soul Within

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. ~ Swami Vivekananda 

Looking outside of yourself for fulfillment bring only temporary happiness.  Whether it’s money, losing weight, or falling in love, your happiness subsides and you begin looking for the next external element to make you happy.  Nevertheless, many people often believe something outside of themselves will make them happier. Have you ever told yourself you would be happier if you won the lottery, had a better job, lost weight, or found a new love? If so, you’re not alone.  But no more! Stop focusing on the external and take the real path to happiness… letting your soul determine what’s right for you.  Here are the best alternatives to looking outside for happiness.

  1. Learn to love yourself.  Love all of you, not just the parts of you that you like, or your ego, you know, that shallow fashionista that you are… no, learn to love the real you. The soul of you that is God-like... that spiritual, emotional, nature embodied in you. Your soul is pure love… pure, unconditional love. Your soul is the part of you that is of God. God is love… unconditional love. It allows yo to be happy without a reason to be happy… you know, being blissful. So make a conscious decision to activate your pure, unconditional love from within your soul…. just love you.
  2. Acknowledge the soul qualities you would like to experience.  Love, kindness, caring, trust, confidence, compassion, laughter, happiness, energy, a feel good healthy attitude, healing, growth… feelings.  Feelings are the emotions and sentiment that arouses the soul. Feelings awaken the soul. It’s like a spiritual language spoken from within you. So, take some time to communicate with your soul, through your feelings. Acknowledge those feelings by exposing them out loud… activate those emotions from your soul.
  3. Ignite your imagination. Imagine the kindest, sweetest, most loving, most caring, most trustworthy, happiest, blissful, most wonderful person you know. If you have never met someone with those qualities, then make up someone with all those qualities and define it… in your mind or draw such a person, if you wish. Let that person represent unconditional love.  Now ignite your imagination; give that person a name. That name represents your Soul, in simple picture form, and she, your Soul, that is, is part of God.  And there is nothing God won’t do for you or can’t do for you… in unconditional love. So, when you think of that person or when you say their name, you now feel warm, feel protected, feel the love inside of you spreading out from your heart.  Your whole body becomes alive with a warm light, healing every wound, every disease.  You feel loved, protected, and whole again. By igniting your imagination, you feel the unconditional love inside of you, actually healing you completely from the inside out.

If you want to heal and grow then simply love yourself, acknowledge your soul qualities and ignite your imagination… your soul heals you again and again, and again.You can call upon it all day, all night… at all times. It will make you happy and actually blissful and will never disappoint you. Your superficial self… your ego, will try to get in the way. It might make you believe that you don’t deserve this bliss, but don’t let it get to you, just focus on the unconditional love of your soul, and before long your ego will be blocked out. Activate
your soul so you  can heal, grow and evolve, achieving happiness and maybe even bliss, because everything you need is inside of you. So now go and activate your soul… you deserve it.

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