Dare to… Enjoy The Moment

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha
It’s not unusual that our lifestyles today have us running at frenetic speeds.  For the hustle and bustle of modern life leaves many people forgetting to enjoy the moment, not understanding that each and every second is filled with wonder and possibilities… wonderful moments that could be savored, are blurred out. While we can’t change the things whizzing past us, we can stop ourselves from being swept away by it all. The key… press the pause button, focus on the present… moment by moment. Living in the moment is all about living like there’s no tomorrow.

  •  Pause now and be still and silent within yourself.  Enjoy this time with the words you read. You are being offered an opportunity to remember to enjoy it just as it is and just as you are… right now.
  • Give thanks for the people, places and things, for the experiences they bring… even in the little things. Dare to be thankful for making it through rush hour traffic safely, watching the sunset, places you have visited. Create opportunities to give thanks. You may know someone who never seems happy? Be ready with a smile and a kind word each time you see them. It may require patience, but eventually, they’ll smile first when they see you.  You will then find that your interactions with them will be much more pleasant. And guess what… you’ll have a new reason to be thankful.
  • Acknowledge a moment being offered, it amplifies the moment for everyone. Consciously connect with it and appreciate it.  Let others know when they’ve done something that you’re thankful for. For example, let the power of the moment rejuvenate others… let your daughter that your shopping excursion with her was a pleasure or let your friend know that the email she sent to you really made your day.  Acknowledge and celebrate not only the power the moment gives you, but the one who reminded you it was there for you.

So pause, give thanks and acknowledge the moment. The beauty of enjoying the moment is in the stillness of your mind… slow down.  You can’t fast forward or freeze frame moments you want to enjoy… they are all absorbing.  Dare to pause now and be still within.  Realize the beauty in every moment, and in everyday activities too. It’s a conscious act that requires your participation… not just your observation.  Remember that the reward is a richer, fuller life. This is your life, so live it now and dare to… enjoy the moment.

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