Knowing You, New You

From Purposefully Beautiful, my Avon blog!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ~ Winston Churchill

People always talk about making changes in their lives for the new year, but continue with their old practices and habits. But the truth is, if a change is going to come, then we need to change some things in our lives. Changing our bodies; diet, weight loss, new look, wardrobe changes, etc, but the truth is our bodies are a conduit for everything else: the soul, the thoughts, the breath, and the subtle movements within.
If we begin to realize that truth and treat our physical bodies better, then the better we’d feel. We’d feel sharper intellectually too. We become more compassionate, and able to act with deeper love. When we make changes to our physical selves, we become stronger and alert, lighter on our feet, able to play with our children, and more likely to enjoy our lives. The glow will shine through you.
So start with something new from Avon, NUTRAEFFECTS, it’s Avon’s first new skin care line in four years and it’s worth the wait! Four different formulas, all fueled with nature’s powerhouse, chia seeds. While you’re there, check out the JEWELRY COLLECTION. I know you’ll find something to radiate your new look, and don’t forget our iconic product, SKIN SO SOFT BODY LOTIONS… creamy, dreamy lotion! And to help you make YOU better this year check out our skin care lines, lip colors and fragrances.
Order through my Avon website;

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