The Inner Path: Living Gratitude Out Loud

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is
not to utter words, but to live by them.” JFK
Don’t ever take the good you already have in your life for granted… some people tend to do just that. Really, just imagine losing some of the things that you consider comfort… home, car, job, your ability to see, hear, or walk. Then imagine one day, getting each of them back, one by one.  I can just imagine how grateful you’d be for each and every one. Now you know the feeling… well that’s gratitude:
  • being thankful
  • counting your blessings 
  • acknowledging everything that you receive
  • living everyday as if everything were a miracle
  • being aware of how much you’ve been given. 

Being aware of gratitude shifts your focus from what you’re lacking in life to the fullness that’s already present.  And, you’ll be happier!  Living a grateful life can increase your natural happiness level.  Yes, let’s say, for example, your natural happiness level is ground “zero“.  That feels natural to your body, so that’s your basic level of happiness.  Well, if something bad happens to you during the day, your happiness level drops below that zero level. So, knowing it dropped, you make adjustments in your feeling and try to level it back to zero. Now, likewise, if something good happens to you, your happiness level rises, and when you’re ready, returns to zero.  Gratitude keeps your happiness high regardless of outside circumstances.  Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean that everything in your life is necessarily great… it means you’re aware of your blessings.


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