Nutritionwise: MENU for this week’s Meatless Monday

This Monday’s Menu

Thai Spiced Omelet

Tofu is cooked in peanut oil, sautéed with cabbage and peppers and seasoned with ginger and soy sauce in this Thai fusion frittata. Shallots are caramelized sweet and incorporated into this omelet’s egg base, while jalapeños the eggs a kick of spice.

Apple Basil Paninis

Sharp Dijon mustard makes a savory seasoning with sweet apple slices in these fruity paninis. Mozzarella lends a luxurious mouth feel and fresh basil provides an herbal note.recipe >

Butternut Squash Chili

Butternut squash is diced, roasted until caramelized and tossed with tempeh and tomatoes in this satisfying chili. Tempeh and kidney beans stirred into the mix and seasoned with oregano, cumin, onion powder and turmeric.

Candied Pumpkin


This dessert is so simple, it seems too easy. Pumpkin cubes are cooked in brown sugar water and dried to make an irresistible candy for an innovative new take on pumpkin sweets.
recipe >

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