The Inner Path: Growing A Healthy Attitude Through Mindfulness

 What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? Psalm 8:4

Being mindful is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment with qualities like careful, compassion, curiosity, responsibility, awareness and acceptance. Mindfulness is a desirable quality which produces a healthy attitude. It can reduce stress, blood pressure and even anxiety. Growing a healthy attitude means you’ve gotten to a point where greed and hatred are absent from your mind and you’re aware of whatever is happening in the present, without judgment.  Even Psychologist and Physicians are paying attention to mindfulness today than in the past.
Patients are given less medication and more attitude adjusting exercises.

You want to establish spiritual mindfulness in your day-to-day life.  It’s something you do throughout the whole day…remembering to stay present, in the present, from one moment to the next.  Maintaining, as much as possible, a calm awareness of your actions, feelings, thoughts, perceptions and consciousness.  By becoming aware of your these, you can change your attitude, build self-esteem and self-confidence, as well.  Practice the 5 exercises below, daily, to help you to become mindful and develop a healthy attitude.

  1. Accept yourself for who you are: Avoid judging yourself.   Become aware of your thoughts and the words you use to describe yourself. If they’re negative, shift your thinking to something else. It won’t be easy, but don’t get frustrated, just keep practicing everyday and eventually you’ll automatically start shifting your thinking.
  2. Care for yourself:  Relax; relaxation improves the mind and helps the body heal. Learn to say no and take time to play.  Practice sitting quietly, listen to your inner voice or spend time thinking about the things which bring peace, beauty and serenity to your life. Find the courage to follow your own spiritual path if a traditional religion has not been helpful for you.
  3.  Be patient: Impatience is stressful. When you begin to feel frustrated and rushed, shift your mind to mindfulness, get into the present, become aware of your surroundings and find something pleasant to look at or touch.  Then, let go and focus on the very moment.
  4. Develop kindness: Research has shown that the release of neurotransmitters responsible for the feelings of contentment and relaxation when acts of kindness are committed, does not only benefit receivers of the kind act, but also the giver and anyone near them as well.
  5. See life through a child-like mind: Learn something new. Imagine you are seeing for the very first time and be willing to understand life in a fresh way.  Practice curiosity as a child would and try to notice life around you in a different way.

With daily practice, mindfulness increases your level of attention. Keep your mind focused and keep coming back to the present moment when your mind wanders off…. this is what paying attention, through mindfulness, is.

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