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Living Life | With Purpose (LLWP) is a social media resource to help women transform and achieve their desired vision for their lifestyle.  LLWP is deliberate living, living life on purpose. It’s strategic thinking, because you cannot live your life beyond your strategy, so the articles on LLWP focuses on raising the courage of women through inspiring and empowering them with information on spiritual and personal development, leadership, finances, nutrition, fitness and fashion.  And, articles are on the core disciplines of self-awareness, social and relationship awareness and self-management… and anything related to happiness and success in life.

I want women, who dream, to be able to have that dream give them something to do; write their vision, read it and run it.  If you are dreaming and have nothing to do, then you are just sleeping... wake up, the wait is over.  LLWP is living with intention, clarity and focus.  Focus on what you wrote down, if it’s not on the page… don’t run it.  LLWP will help you see the dream that is beyond you… your dream needs to be beyond you… welcome to Living Life | With Purpose.



To deliver the most dynamic social media content, creating solutions essential to a better and healthier life for women.


To provide timely and relevant information that inspires and empowers women to take control of their own well-being in all areas of their lives.


Some of my readers comments:

Very sound advice. I know I have been known to spin my wheels at instead of moving forward.”  -Winnie

“Thank you for this feedback. It is useful not only for those with concerns regarding their body    image, but for the society that forces one to think negatively about their own body images. It’s rather unfortunate that we have to invest so much energy into our body images, when like you said, it is more important to know how you feel towards your own body image, not the way that it looks.  We need resources like this that continue to validate these perspectives and bring attention to this important issue. Thanks a bunch and please keep the positive energy coming :)”

-Connie Omari


 “This is much needed information. Thank you.” -Kelly Stilwell


  “This is great. Short, simple and yet full of information. Thanks ” -Barb Garber

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