Personal Development: ‘Success is in Confidence’

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

You want to define yourself, at work and socially. You know who you are; beautiful, capable and settles for nothing less.  And I’m sure you’ve encountered confident people; their walk and talk oozing with confidence.  You want that… without being arrogant or hubris, of course.  You know you aspire to be confident, however, you’re unsure; lacking self-esteem, style or poise.  Well, no more – put your future in your hands and lay your path straight by incorporating the tips below to help you be a confident person … it’ll get you on track to living life on purpose.
Success is in confidence
  1. Dress with purpose. Wearing clothes that not only look great and have the right color, but more importantly, fit well, can transform how you feel about yourself.  Clothes fitting too big or too small gives an impression, so why not do it right. It may not make a difference for everyone, and may be only part of the equation, but making a conscious effort is worth it.  
  2. Walk confidently. This means walking with your chin up,  shoulders back… no hunching, and upright.  Take long, full strides… short strides makes you look indecisive and shy.
  3. Give direct eye contact.  The eyes are the mirrors of self-confidence. A person can easily assess your self-confidence through your eye contact with them. People with low self-confidence hate making eye contact. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with someone and instead of them looking at you, they’re looking at the ground as if they‘re looking for a lost coin or looking to your shoulder?  Well, a confident person gives direct eye contact. 
  4. Celebrate and compliment others success. Celebrate and compliment your friends and co-workers over their achievements.  Don’t make gossipy remarks to their faces or behind their backs… always respect others.  Know that if you continue to work effectively and efficiently, your time will come. Don’t be a hater. Gossip causes you to lose credibility,  trust, and self-confidence.  And, remember Karma … what goes around, comes around!
  5. Be engaging in your conversation.  Conversation is a two-way information channel and isn’t all about you and your accomplishments.  A confident person won’t try to hog the conversation.  Even if the other person is doing just that… it doesn’t matter.  You know who you are; therefore, it’s not important to you.  Other than that, just stay away from straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers and just start asking and talking away… and leaning in, smiling, direct eye contact and giving affirmative head gestures, all convey positivity and confidence.

Using the above confidence starters could help you get on the right track to living an abundant life and improve your confidence.  A productive person who accomplishes daily goals exudes confidence.  So, be purposeful and act purposefully.  A doer strives to make things happen.  Try making a daily “to do” list to help you remember to practice the ‘success is in confidence‘ tips from above.  And just remember this quote, which I just love…  Success comes in cans, not cant’s.


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