Dare to… Ask For What You Want

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!” ~ Maya Angelou

Dare to… Life and Stuff

As we all know, infants usually do get what they want if they yell loudly enough. However, as adults we know throwing tantrums are unlikely to get our want’s satisfied.  So, what do you do? Asking for what you want is hard.  However, knowing what you want is much easier, but you‘ve got to know how bad you want something and how much work you’re willing to put forth to get it.

The problem is you want it and you want it now, but don’t forget, nothing great comes without effort. But if it has  great meaning for you, then it’s worth every risk, every step and every drop of effort necessary to get it.

It’s not always easy asking for what you want. Women, especially are sometimes uncomfortable asking for what they want. Perhaps not feeling entitled, maybe the fear of being denied or just thinking that successful people never ask for help. But, that kind of thinking puts too much power and faith in the hands of others. However, the quicker you master your misconceived notions you have about your ability, the faster you will grow.  If you’re ready to make a change take the following steps today:

  1. Make a list of your current wants by taking inventory of your business ideas and what it takes to get those needs met. Your time is a treasure to be invested and by making a list you follow the lead of successful people first identifying what’s really needed, and then avoiding, what matters the least. 
  2. Be worthy of the wants you seek.  Don’t let fear keep you from asking for what you  need. Your identified needs and wants warrant resolution, so take stock in yourself and apply self-compassion… it prepares you in asking.
  3. Apply your faith and just ask. If done appropriately, people will have more respect for you.  So, you’ve made your list, now just do it… ask. 
  4.  Build your confidence by purposefully asking, on a regular basis, for what you want. Once you start asking itll start to get easier and youll start to build your confidence. 

The most effortless and fastest way to get what you want out of life is to ask for it, as mundane as it sounds it works, like a charm, well most of the time anyway. But, in the real world, like most things in life, there’s a process to getting it. No one can read your mind. Its up to you to tell others what you’re thinking and what you want, so get out there and ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

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