Personal Development: Moving Your Vision Forward

 “Vision without Action is a dream.  Action without Vision is a waste of time. 
Vision with  Action can change the World.” Quote

Empower yourself to move your vision into action.  By being a visionary you can move your ideas into results by embodying the visionary attributes of  a leader.  So, put on the mental strength mindset of a forward thinker, look past all the distractions of your normal, busy and everyday activities, and do what’s important to move ahead. It requires you to have core values, clear vision, empowering relationships, and innovative action. Here are some attributes of a leader, forward thinker or visionary:

  • Core values: These are your important and enduring beliefs or ideals about what is good or desirable and what is not. Your core values are what influences your behavior and serve as broad guidelines for you in all situations.
  • Clear vision: A clear vision has the power to bring what’s most important to the surface of your schedule and lifestyle. Know what has worked in the past, and what has not.  Hone in on what drove progress and how it will all help you make future plans. Knowing where you are gives you the starting point for all your goals and visions. Whereas, in your mind, you can see your intended or hopeful destination and your energies are alined to move in that direction … with relentless passion.
  • Empowering relationships: Make real connections with people that are valuable and sustainable. Now, it’s not about using people, but by giving people the same things you want. Being appreciated and complimented makes a person feel important, so start there.  And, when you feel important, you feel needed and wanted and this only adds to the relationship.
  • Innovative action: The ability to recognize what’s needed after the idea; starting with a clear understanding of the problem or situation, to putting the idea into a plan, and putting that plan into motion, and then to new and improved results.  

Now use all of these together, and combine, what you want, with your knowledge of what you have already done, to create a plan.  Knowing where you want to be stirs direction, motivation and purpose, all the way to achieving success. 

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