Free Stuff – No Strings Attached!

Do you multi task, while on your computer, working and passing time?  Some people might listen to music while on the computer or play Internet games or card games, Facebook, twitter, some use the chat in online forums or search eBay or Amazon and how about even searching for “free stuff” online.

Now, I’m sure there are many things offered for free on-line, such as free web-hosting, free dating sites, free web domains and others, I’m merely speaking of what you may being doing in terms of using free time as a second or third priority to your most most important duty on the computer
and the Internet.

While I work on my computer, I’m usually on the Internet, so while I’m working, I’ll surf the sites that offer free samples of products, making sure there are no strings attached, of course.  I’ve come a few sites that offer “free stuff” and when I clicked on the links the stuff wasn’t really free, there was always a catch of some sort. I either had to sign up for clubs and earn points for “free stuff” or pay shipping and handling. So, now, I just research to see if there were sites that actually offered free stuff, with no strings attached, no commitments and no fees. And, so for I’ve been pretty impressed. I’ve requested and received mostly samples of new products, which gives me a chance to try them before I actually invested my own money to purchase them. I’ve found cool freebies for my family members as well, and if you have a pet, there’s something for them also.

Below, I’ve listed some freebie websites which I’ve discovered where you can receive free stuff without any strings attached.  Remember the Internet is a big place and many people use these sites, so sometimes the promotion either runs out of product or it comes to an end, but there are many freebies  from which to choose.  However, you may have to signup for their newsletter, provide email, address or phone number, or complete a survey, and some of the freebies are listed on more than one site, so if you’ve already requested one, then don’t request it again, on another site. So, here are a few of my picks of “get stuff free” websites. Click and get started:

Freebie sites should have a great reputation for being the easiest and safest way to get free samples by mail, nothing else. Feel free to search these sites and try some products you may not have tried before. Good luck and let me know how things went for you.

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