Dare to… Fail, Then Dare to Succeed

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy



We all know that nobody likes to fail. But let’s face it, whether it’s a job, a marriage, or a close friendship, failure is inev


itable and can be devastating, but it’s how we learn.  We need to realize that it’s natural to fail… yep, asnatural as breathing.  We may not always enjoy it, but it teaches us how to navigate through life. But at the same

Dare to... Fail , then Dare to Succeed

time, if you don’t take big chances or if you’re not giving it your all, then be static and don’t expect anything big in return. If you’re scared to fail then you’ll never really know what you can achieve.  So take a look at some of the reasons many people fail to succeed and then at some ways to navigate through them to get you back on the track to being successful and achieving your goals.


Fearful No More


Most people are fearful of what others think, that’s why some don’t dare to take the necessary chances needed for success.  But if you’re willing to give your all for what you honestly and authentically believe is a good cause, then that’s when you can expect something in return.  Some fears are real and should be respected, but fears that are exaggerated and unfounded keep really keep you from truly experiencing your life and becoming fulfilled.  But at the same time you have to be ready to accept that you will not achieve it every time. The only way to achieve great things is to push yourself to the extent that you can’t any more. You have to aim for goals that don’t seem that easy to reach and be willing to admit to yourself that you really want these things that will not be easy to get.  Use your failure as an antidote to empower you with the ability to learn from your fear.

Comfort Zone Be Gone

It’s easier to settle for small things than bigger ones when you don’t want to fail. Failure does not feel good and a lot of people don’t want to risk that. However, if you do not risk failing, you cannot achieve anything that is outside your comfort range.   And the more attached we become to a particular outcome, the greater the disappointment when things fall apart. But if you stop trying new things, or only allow yourself to do what you’re good at, the life you lead may not look like the life you want.  Perhaps it’s time to stretch those limits a little! By stretching your comfort zone, not only will your life become more exciting, but you’ll also build confidence. Focus on the joy of doing something and not on the anticipated outcome. If it works out, great and if it doesn’t, shrug it off and keep moving… next!


Give Yourself Permission to Fail

I get it,  you think your self esteem might drop or you might feel humiliated or embarrassed, but give yourself permission to fail, then “dare to succeed”… even if that means being sloppy, taking risks, or slipping up, because excellence comes from experience, and experience often comes from failure. It’s important to remember that failing at one thing, no matter how big, doesn’t make you a failure and that learning how to cope with smaller disappointments, like doing poorly on a test or getting a bad work review, can really help you when faced with truly difficult times. Failing can also encourage you to reflect on whether you’re on the right path, sorting out what’s working and what isn’t. Failing is a learning process… it’s a journey.

Be honest with yourself and know that people make mistakes.  An Albert Einstein quote says, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  So take a deep breath and know that youre imperfect, (everyone is), therefore your actions will be imperfect. Realize also that it’s NOT natural for you to go from point A to point B in one swift straight line. It’s natural for the journey to be all over the place, at first, but with time, it will get smoother…  as long as you make corrections based on the feedback you get.  So fail, then dare to succeed. Things in the beginning will not look straight at all, but as time goes on and your experience grows, youll see your successes… so dare to… fail, then dare to succeed.

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