Nutritionwise: Let’s Get Ready for Meatless Monday

Taking it one day at a time a week!

This Monday’s Menu

Blackberry Pumpkin Smoothie


Blackberries and earthy pumpkin come together with vanilla soymilk in this sweetly spiced treat. Cinnamon and agave nectar meld the flavors together before this smoothie is finished with a touch of nutmeg. more >

Mushroom Pie

The more mushrooms the merrier, as it’s variety which brings complexity and depth to this savory holiday pie. Melt in your mouth crust is topped with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds and served under a mound of tender blanched spinach. more >


Seitan with Mushroom Gravy

Hearty seitan, a high-protein meat substitute, is coated in seasoned porcini mushrooms and cooked until crisped on the stove. Shiitakes are cooked with soy sauce and thyme to top the seitan in a delicious mushroom gravy.  more >


Maple Pears with Pecans

Sweetly spiced autumnal flavors come together beautifully as pears are dressed in lemon juice and maple syrup. This fruit dessert is slow roasted in the oven with pecans for a contrasting crunch. more >

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