The Inner Path: Finding Peace Even Through The Storms

We all deal with stress in our daily, hectic lives… at work, in marriage, kids, financial concerns and other daily routines and habits. And we know that in these situations peace can be difficult to find, but is so important and needed if were to maintain our health, well-being and sanity.  A harmonious balance needs to be found between what we have control over and that which we have no control…our inner peace and that which is outside of us, in order to help us find our happiness. 

But how do you find it when you feel as though you’re in a violent storm out in the middle of the sea. Well, peace is not very difficult to find.
Follow these easy tips to find peace even through the daily storms of life:

  1. Set some time just for you: Set some time each day to calm your mind and body to refocus your energy and rest the body and mind. Spend 10 to 15 minutes each day closing your eyes and practicing deep, slow breathing.  This will allow the body and mind to reset (similar to a quick nap, but without the sleep).  This help to reduce stress and you’ll be a lot happier and can work more efficiently.
  2. Connect to Mother Nature: Do something as simple as taking a long walk at a nearby park for a quick way to connect with the outdoors and lift your spirit. Be more adventurous by taking long nature trail walks or hiking in the local woods or forests rejuvenate the soul and feel relaxed.
  3. Get physically active: Get peace through the releasing of the body’s own natural endorphins.  These hormones are produced during active exercising and can help give you a natural sense of well-being that makes you feel peaceful, calm and serene. Jogging, running long distances and cycling are some great ways to help you achieve this state of mind.
  4. Let the music ease your mind: Some types of music can also help you find peace, for example, spiritual or relaxation music is often used in healing or therapy management of patients. Some classical concertos or arias are are also beautiful, relaxing, peaceful music. 

So, while a little stress is probably good for you, it’s the excess that does the harm. so no matter what’s going on around you… you can still find it in yourself to release as much stress as you need to have a productive and worthwhile day. Practice stress release techniques on a constant basis. Be patient, it takes time to change a lifelong habit or conditioned behavior, just experiment with different techniques to see what works for you.

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