The Inner Path: The Reason For The Season

There is but one reason for Christmas to me
Listen to what I tell you and you shall see
The birth of Jesus, our gift from Heaven above
For all He was sent, with God given love

Angels announced His arrival with great fanfare
Making sure the wrong people remained unaware
Gifts were brought to the child in silent of night
Above in the Heavens a star shined so bright

Wise men and shepherds were drawn to the child
As they bid their wishes, the babe simply smiled
As Scriptures had foretold of this day to come
That this child would one day rule His own kingdom

So we give gifts in honor of this child’s birth
Knowing the outcome of His life, we know His worth
God gave us a gift, so we in turn give them too
What the Scriptures foretold, did in fact come true

Giving a gift means expecting nothing in return
That the receiver accepts it, is our only concern
Celebrate Christmas, leaving your gift at the manger
Is Jesus in your life, or to you a stranger. 

                                                                      Stan Arney

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