Life and Stuff: My Very Pinteresting Views

Here are some very Pinteresting views from my Life and Stuff Pinterest boards. I love this social bookmarking tool.  I think of it like an interactive, shareable scrapbook. I follow other users, share their content, make comments, and sometimes tag users.  I love sharing my pins on Facebook and Twitter too. Take a look at some of the pins from my boards.






It’s spring, the weather is warming up so there’s no need for those big meals.  I pinned this Pesto Shrimp with Mixed Greens to my Tasty Goodness! board from the William-Sanoma recipe site. Love it!
I pinned these beautiful Healing Stones Bracelets of the Om symbol, Tree of Life, and Silver plated Buddha Head charms, to my The Inner Path board. Bringing in a little peace, awareness, healing and consciousness.
This very simple and fancy Moscato cocktail is from my Here’s To You! board. Sometimes you just have to take a break and have some fun.

Pinterest has some of the most beautiful vacation and get-a-way pins and I had to pin this Calo des Moro Beach, Spain  pin to my  Recess! board.
Calo des Moro Beach, Spain
This short and sassy number is from my Hairy Spray! board. I love short cuts and when color is added I like them even more because it really brings out the individuality in you.
Spanakopita Strudels from my Veggiegoodness Pinterest board. Alexandra’s Kitchen posted this on her  board and I just had to have it. I haven’t tried them yet, but I will because I love Greek foods and all the right ingredients are there…Spinach, cottage cheese, filo dough and eggs… all good things!
Spanakopita Strudels
Taken from my At Home! board. This black and white room looks so simply elegant and clean.

These are some beautiful trio-color nails with the silver bands across them. I pinned them to my Nail it! board. Sometimes it’s just good to try something different every now and then.
Trio-color Nails with Strips

Look what I pinned to my Natural and Earthy board.

Just start the seeds in ice cream cones and then plant in to the ground. How cool is that!


 “Compassion is a living, breathing, organic emotion that vibrates through you and links you to those around you.” Deepak Chopra ……… I pinned this beautiful pin to the group’s Unity in Diversity board.  There are so many heart grabbing images on this board that you’ll want to see, so I hope you get a chance to visit and even follow and pin to it.

So if you are looking for a little inspiration then Pinterest is your tool for collecting and organizing things you love. Please visit and follow my Pinterest Page here.

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