News: Oprah Launches HuffPost OWN!

We need to be in touch with our internal GPS — the inner voice that knows right from wrong that’s always guiding us True North. 

                               – Oprah Winfrey on her launch with The Huffington Post

 Oprah Winfrey now has a page on The Huffington Post  titled Huffpost OWN, where she and Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, are partnering, as she said, to focus on self-empowerment, healthy living for the mind and body, relationships, and deepening the conversation on, as Oprah puts it, living our best lives.

Oprah said, Understanding that we are all more powerful than we know — that we are all connected to something bigger than ourselves — is the real conversation I want to have. In many ways, it is the only conversation, I believe, truly worth having. So let’s continue this conversation together here at the OWN section of The Huffington Post.


I like the work that Oprah and Arianna are doing and will surely be checking in on the Huffpost OWN page and hope you will too.

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