Meatless Monday: March To A Different Drumstick

Meatless Monday is a way for you to improve your health and help the environment.  Medical experts, along with the American Dietetic Association ADA, American Heart Association (AHA), and other scientists and organizations are very accepting of a vegetarian type diet as healthy and complete, as long as some requirements are met. Take a look at the benefits of going vegetarian, even for a day-a-week, could have on your health….start the journey of marching to a different drumstick.


Green Bean Ginger Spaghetti Stir Fry

Good for Fighting Disease:  The medical professionals are now recommending a vegetarian diet for patients who are dealing with disease, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and even those with a family history of cancer, especially prostate and colon cancers.  Going without meat just for a day could stabilize your blood sugar and fresh vegetarian food is higher in vitamins and minerals than meat products…which could possible eliminate the need for supplements.  And a vegetarian diet is easier for your body to process.
Good for Losing Weight: While being a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose weight, most vegetarians do tend to eat foods that are high in fiber including beans and vegetables and we all know the benefits of fiber…. feeling satiated, fending off cravings and staying regular. And remember there is little fat in the vegetable world.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Good for the Environment : A vegetarian diet is a cruelty-free way to eat.  For those who still eat eggs..and I do,it was stated that male chickens are often killed at birth because they are not useful for egg laying…..this makes me sad. And meat production is also damaging to the environment. Waste from meat processing plants causes water pollution….. there were a couple of stories in my local area that made me cringe at the pollution they were creating.

While being vegetarian, even for a day, a week, for most people is simple, we need make sure we understand the dietary needs of children, pregnant or menopausal women and even vegans (strict vegetarians) …vitamin supplements may be needed to ensure optimal health after giving up meat…so one day a week, cut out the meat.

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